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Offas Dyke Walk - Sunday 26th September

Sunday 26th September will be our first physical "in person" branch event of the year. Lots of other branches and groups are getting involved so it will be a great team effort, raising awareness and fundraising at the same time.

The aim is to walk the whole length of the Offa’s Dyke Path between all the branches and groups taking part. Our section will be from Ruthin to Llangollen which is a total of 17 miles.

You can do as much as you are able, be that one mile or the 17 miles, it’s up to you!

We know this walk is not accessible to all, so if you wish to do an alternative walk, such as a walk along your local promenade, or a lap or two around the garden, that would be amazing.  Whatever you decide to do on the day send in some photos.  We’d love to see them. 

For more information contact Rachel at 

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